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There are many ways of which the habit of addiction could be acquired today and one of such ways is through the use of drugs. We have two types of drug today and evidently most of the addictions problems we encounter today arise from the use of these drugs and they are classified into two namely the legal government authorized drugs and the illegal government prohibited drugs, in other words, the legal and illegal drugs. The legal drugs, as we know it today are those drugs which have been authorized by usage by the government and in America and it, can be defined as the drugs which are permissible for use as it has long been permitted by the medical drug experts. 

These legal drugs currently are being used by us today and it forms a basis of our everyday life and they include alcoholic beverages, caffeine from coffee, nicotine derived from cigarette, cider vinegar, and the various others. These drugs are to be used in moderation as their effects are minimal but, if used excessively or depended upon it could lead to addiction and consequently, could form a basis for abnormal behaviors. On the other hand, the illegal drugs or illicit drugs are drugs which have been prohibited by the government for people’s usage and similarly, it is not advised by medical experts for one to acquire and use it.

These drugs which are also, called hard drugs are considered harmful to the body and if used continuously, it will lead to serious cases of addiction and as a matter of truth, the usage of these drugs today is mostly the number one causes of addictions in the society. However, these drugs although illegal are not completely outlawed by the government because it is being used in scientific procedures and has a great tendency of having to be converted to something better but, an un-controlled usage of these drugs by an average human could cause devastating consequences and so, should be avoided at costs.

Sadly, these illicit drugs despite its prohibition could be acquired easily, given the right source of who sells it, it could be acquired by anybody and used at his or her own will, even children of this days aren’t exempted to this hard drugs and today most addictions cases involve children and teenagers as well. These drugs could be acquired in the streets, suburban, parties, clubs and other public places and they are easy to be depended on such of this include cocaine, morphine, heroin, amphetamine, and others.

Because, of the high rates of addiction currently on the increase, many rehab centers are seeing a huge increase in the admission  of addicted and consequently, the therapies administered by some centers are not efficient enough as some only rely on the detoxification method as the only source of therapy for treatment, however, given the fact that such treatments had actually worked they don’t guarantee a long permanent solution as many treated addicts still relapse back to their former ways and get addicted.